Best platform for Tron Energy Lending

We explore which platform is best for renting and selling energy

JustLend DAO

JustLend is TRON blockchains native energy lending platform. It allows for either:

  1. Liquid Staking of TRX

  2. Rental of energy by ordinary staking of TRX

Method 1: JustLend Liquid Staking

Liquid Staking of TRX allows users to recieve a yield bearing token called sTRX (TRON's native DeFi currency). Your new sTRX tokens will provide you a combined reward from both voting and renting energy. It is completely passive and does not require any effort from the user. The user does not receive rewards directly, higher yields are generated for the user due to the increase in TRX/sTRX exchange rate when the rewards accumulate in the smart contract.

The yield is dynamic and largely depends on how much energy is left to rent. The lower the amount of Tron Energy left to rent, the higher the cost per energy and the higher the yield. Adding more TRX to the contract creates more energy but dilutes the yield you will get. The self-diluting APR makes it unattractive for large TRX holders to invest in JustLends Liquid Staking.

Method 2: JustLend Energy Rental

Energy rental allows those seeking resources to rent energy directly from the JustLend smart contract. Buyers can specify the amount of energy they wish to rent per day and how many days they want it for. The system will calculate the cost of the energy rental plus a refundable security deposit, which you get back after the rental period.

The more Energy you rent, the higher the price per energy/day will increase. This makes it more expensive to rent energy over time due to the dynamic energy price increase. This will make it unattractive to large energy buyers due to their orders driving their own costs up, making it more expensive to continue to rent energy.

Tron Energy market

Started by the community before the launch of JustLend DAO, Tron Energy Market was created as a cheaper, faster method for Renting Energy. Other platforms operate models where buyers post orders and sell into them, creating large wait times, while Tron Energy Market operates a pool system. This benefits buyers because they will get INSTANT energy from Tron Energy Market.

Benefits for Energy Sellers

  • Tron Energy Market offers you rewards in TRX. There is no secondary token and delayed reward mechanism.
  • There is NO yield dilution for having a large amount of energy to lend; you will get the same price for every single energy you lend.
  • You can choose how much profit % you get. Calculations done by the Tron Energy Market team have calculated a APR of 50% profit per year!

Benefits for Energy Buyers

  • The energy price remains static, no matter how much you choose to rent. There are no dynamic increases in price.
  • We don't charge any extra fees. There are no hidden costs and no security deposits.
  • You will get INSTANT energy from our pools, rather than waiting for someone to fill your order.

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