Please note: The below information is OUTDATED and is based on the OLD TEM.CASH. The button below this message will redirect you to the correct TEM.CASH is the native token for and is a unique token earned by both the seller and buyer whenever an order is filled. can only be earned through exchanging resources and can be converted into TRX through our swap.

How does it work?

When an order is filled, 4% of the total value of the trade is minted as It is then distributed 50% to the buyer and 50% to the seller. Due to the swap being a bancor system, there is no need to wait for a buyer to redeem your for TRX. The bancor will continuously be filled with more TRX as transactions are completed.

Of course, being a bancor system you can also use the swap to swap your TRX rewards into You might choose to do this if you feel the token has the potential to rise in price as more orders are fulfilled. There may also be more uses for announced over time.

To check the circulating supply of, please visit this link.


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