How to buy Tron Energy

Energy is easy to purchase on Tron Energy Market. In just a few clicks you will be able to set up your wallet on the platform and access the pools we provide.

Step 1: Log into Tron Energy Exchange
Step 2: Once log in has succeeded, you can purchase TRON resources through the menu on the left hand side of the screen. Energy or Bandwidth can be selected using the drop down menu. You can also specify what price to purchase your resources at.
Quick tip: When purchasing energy or bandwidth you can choose to enable partial fill or multi-signature by clicking the settings symbol! You can also choose to fulfill bulk orders to multiple addresses, whether you want the energy instantly or if you want to schedule an energy order for a specific time
Step 4: When your order is placed, it will be listed on the orders tab and if there is sufficient pool resource available, this order will be filled automatically for you.
TRON Energy Market has a fully transparent and visible energy availability widget just above the new order screen.

You're all done! You have now acquired Energy immediately, inexpensively and in the quantity you required.


To buy energy now, click here!