How to sell Tron Energy

Lending Tron Energy is SUPER simple on our platform. We have made is so quick and efficient , you'll be able to complete the process in less than a minute and the platform will do the rest of the work for you.

It’s so easy that it can be done in 3 simple steps:

  • Connect with tronlink
  • Give permissions to our address
  • Add the pool into our system
Click on "SELL" button to enter the Pool Wizard.
Ensure you have at least 100,000 TRX in your wallet. This is a minimum requirement
You must give permissions to the platform to enable the automatic functionality.
Quick Tip: The permissions that the platform requests are: Undelegate Resources, Freeze TRX, Vote for SR, Withdraw voting rewards, Delegate Resources. 
It costs 100 TRX every time new permissions are set for an address. This is charged by the TRON network and not Tron Energy Market. 
Once permissions have been given it will allow you to continue.
Click on "Add Pool" to confirm that you would like to become a pool.

And that’s all. You account is into our automated systems and will be renting your TRX to give you good benefits.